If you thinks that ordinary butt fleshlight are too usual, try the Ice version of Fleshlight butt. Ice Butt Fleshlight features very tight anal canal and you can experience penetration as you have never tried before. It has got also the same super soft patented Real Feel™ material – In Ice butt version – it is transparent (clear) gel insert created for enhanced visual stimulation. The viewing experience in Ice Fleshlight Butt is unmatched. The Ice Fleshlights gives the same pleasure as the original pink and skin tone sex toys – I can guarantee that.

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fleshlight butt ice

fleshlight butt

Do you like anal fleshlights? If banging somebody’s butt gives you excitement. So ILF got something for you Fleshlight Butt. Fleshlight Butt is an unique sex toy that is dedicated for people who loves anal sex. Unique styling, amazingly realistic look and feel, the ability to adjust the level of suction and look of a butt. If you’re ready for anal fleshlight sex, there are some toys waiting for you : Pink Butt Fleshlight, Mocha Butt Fleshlight, Ice Butt Fleshlight. There are some fantastic products to stimulate your anal desires. The Fleshlight Pink Butt has a realistic anal opening with every texture you can imagine. SuperSkin can last you a very long time if cared for properly. You should never use soap on the insert of your Fleshlight – only the real fleshlight water-based lubricant will give you the sureness of not destroying your fleshlight. Butt Fleshlight is available in pink color and skin tone. It is also available together with Build your Own Fleshlight offer.

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Fleshjack Fleshlight

Some time ago ILF the Fleshlight producer created a gay-line of sex products available in USA. Now the Fleshjack Fleshlight is the most popular gay sex toy brand ever. Fleshjack Fleshlight is for gays, for people like us. It cares of us by using the highest quality materials in it’s products, it loves us by supporting us in Internet, it makes us happy by giving so funny things like Mr. Limpy;) . Fleshlight Fleshjack products line is designed for gays with implementation of every gay needs.

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It’s simple Fleshlight Flashjack is for gay and I’m proud of it that so American company can be so close to us. Personally I’ve tried all the available fleshjacks and I want to tell you about my feelings. It was amazing, that’s because all Fleshlight Fleshlight products were designed by Gay-engineer. He implemented every gay needs into it and e’voila the perfect product is in your hand.

Fleshjack Fleshlight

Now the Fleshjack Fleshlight site has got unique sex toys of Pierre Fitch. You can suck his dick for $59.95 or lick Pierre Fitch butt for $79.95 and most of all you can give him a sweet kiss into Pierre Fitch Mouth entry. It has got two sleeves Scorpio and Squeeze. In Fleshjack Fleshlight collection there are also the Visconti brothers with the same types of entries but with one difference – each one of visconti triplets got its own sex toy. If you’re a Bret Everett lover you can put his dick inside your ass. and he can do you a blowjob with Swallow sleeve. Fleshlight Fleshjack is 100% gay product, every gay should have something in his collection